#GrowingABetterPlanet: Outlook on the new FSA 3.0

23rd February 2021

SAI Platform will unveil the new and improved Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) during a public online event on 20th April 2021. This latest FSA version will usher in a new phase to better enable users to drive relevant and demonstrable continuous improvement of on-farm performance through supply chain collaboration.

The FSA 3.0 online launch event will reveal the updates of the widely trusted Self-Assessment Questionnaire that reflect the latest industry consensus on sustainable farming. As such, it also continues to serve as a global verification framework and benchmark reference for numerous sustainable farming schemes that can benefit from having obtained FSA Equivalence.

“We believe we have struck the right balance between providing FSA users with continuity and improving the toolset to better help contribute to SAI Platform’s mission to drive the uptake of sustainable farming practices”, says Iver Drabæk, Sustainability Director at Nordzucker and Chair of the FSA 3.0 Guidance Committee.

“We’re excited about the possibilities of the improved toolset and look forward to sharing it with the world”.

Interactive breakout sessions will delve deeper into this new version including accessing and using accompanying tools and materials on the SAI Platform website. For farmers, Farm Management Groups (FMGs) and buyers of agricultural ingredients, the new FSA also comes with significantly improved user guidance.

In addition, new tools and requirements will be introduced to better support and ensure the uptake of sustainable agricultural practices. This will include an open-access online Priority Screening Tool to help FMGs establish their priority area of work, develop an effective Continuous Improvement Plan and select the right Outcome Measurement Tool for their needs.

Many farms and businesses around the world rely on the current version of the FSA (2.1). All FSA Letters of Attestation against this version will remain their validity until the set expiration date. Verification Bodies can continue to register FSA Letters of Attestation against Version 2.1 until 18 months after the launch of the new FSA. Benchmarked Schemes will also maintain their current equivalence level for this same period. Benchmarked Scheme owners will be asked to re-benchmark against FSA 3.0 to continue their equivalence level after the 18-month period is over.

This FSA 3.0 launch event will celebrate of over two years of collaboration in reviewing and redesigning the FSA, involving multiple SAI Platform member companies and other FSA users, subject matter experts and other relevant stakeholders.