Hotspot Mapping for Collaboration in Crops

1st September 2017

The Arable and Vegetable and Fruit & Nuts Working Groups initiate the hotspot mapping to help members collaborate and identify areas of common interest.

The goal of the Hotspot Mapping programme is to develop a tool to identify shared areas of concern for SAI Platform members, based on sourcing regions, crops, risks, ambitions and key objectives. The Working Groups will kick off the programme with the inauguration of a Steering Committee, to drive the programme in a way to ensure maximum member benefits.

The end goal of the hotspot mapping programme is to identify common areas of interest, facilitate appropriate collection and sharing of data, and identification of innovative, collaborative solutions while maintaining the pre-competitive requirements of SAI Platform.

For more information contact Nick Betts (Arable & Vegetable) or Jenny Edwards (Fruit & Nuts)

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