LIFE 4DOÑANA launches extensive training programme for growers

25th February 2022

The LIFE 4DOÑANA project launches a virtual classroom to train growers in sustainable water management practices.

The Doñana wetlands region in South-West Spain is a hotspot for natural conservation due to its iconic natural reserve. It is home to an amazing array of biodiversity and it is also the heart of Spain’s strawberry production.

In 2014, having recognised the urgent need for the private sector to scale efforts on water sustainability in the region, eight SAI Platform member came together and began working with WWF Spain on the Doñana Berry Sustainability Project. The project engaged hundreds of growers and technicians in the region, creating tools to address water concerns and providing proof of concept for technical solutions at field level. 

In 2020, a new project called LIFE 4DOÑANA, supported by the LIFE Program of the European Commission was initiated to continue SAI Platform’s legacy in the region by promoting innovative techniques for water management and delivering the necessary support and training to local farmers.

The LIFE 4DOÑANA training takes place in a virtual classroom, with different levels from basic to advanced user. It incorporates video tutorials and written documents, covering the principle aspects of sustainable water management. The training focuses on irrigation and fertilisation management, with a strong focus on the unique conditions and challenges faced in the region. A diploma is delivered to the trainees who successfully complete the training course.

“Engaging with farmers through trainings and field visits is absolutely critical for the success of sustainability projects. It reinforces the link with the producers and the local community. A shift in mindset is required and it is through building direct relationships with growers that we can address this challenge and help promote real change!”

Sébastien Guéry, Technical Coordinator, LIFE 4Doñana.

As there is still a lot of work to be done to ensure the long-term sustainability of the Doñana wetlands and berry production in the region, SAI Platform encourages members sourcing from the area to promote this training among their growers.

For more information and the link to the virtual classroom, please visit the project website. If you have any questions regarding the LIFE 4DOÑANA project, please contact Sébastien Guéry, Technical Coordinator, LIFE 4Doñana at