New digital portal opens access to sustainability learning resources and tools

28th September 2021

SAI Platform launches My SAI Platform, a new digital portal to support the agri-food industry towards a more sustainable, healthy and resilient agriculture sector. Expanding on the current capabilities of the SAI Platform website, this new portal is designed to provide quick and easy access to member companies, Sustainable Dairy Partnership (SDP) and Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) users. 

The launch of My SAI Platform provides a one-point entry for members and the wider agri-food community to access learning materials, guidance documents and multi-media resources on sustainable agriculture. 

The new portal offers a simple and intuitive login verification, whereby user categories are identified, and visitors are directed to specific areas available to that user status. SDP users are directed to the SDP Learning Centre where the latest digital tool the SDP Reporting Hub is also accessible. FSA users arrive to the free and openly available FSA Learning Centre now offering a more personalised guide to implementing the FSA via videos, documents, checklists, and quizzes. SAI Platform members have access to all areas including an exclusive members-only knowledge base and member directory, the FSA web-app and Spotlight. 

Data security is paramount to this new automated login system and new visitors will pass through various checks to confirm email address, username and password. The site is also set up with an SSL certificate that enables encrypted transfer of data, meaning that when the user enters data into the form it is end-to-end encrypted. Additionally, any updates made are only carried out across SFTP – Secure File Transfer Protocol – again ensuring all data transfer is end-to-end encrypted. 

“As we continue to expand on our knowledge and learning materials, My SAI Platform is an important new infrastructure that provides a more efficient access system to our members, partners and users.” explained Brigid Norde-McAleer, Communications Manager.

“Through this single digital gateway, we are better supporting our members and encouraging tool users of the FSA and SDP to make full use of the learning resources, video tutorials, guidance materials and knowledge on best sustainability practices.” 

My SAIPlatform is ready for registration. Sign up now and create your account.