Newly approved FSA Verification Bodies Imaflora and ECAS

28th June 2021

Two newly approved FSA Verification Bodies (VBs), Imaflora and ECAS, join a growing international list offering a wide range to businesses who want their FSA results to be independently verified.

Imaflora and ECAS have a long track record of providing auditing services to the agricultural sector and the food & drink value chain. Brazil-based Imaflora was a FSA Verification Body in the past and has been re-approved under the new Requirements for FSA Verification Bodies and Auditors. The Turkish company ECAS is a new FSA Verification Body that can leverage years of experience auditing against agricultural schemes closely associated with the FSA. Both companies can perform audits in-country as well as in selected countries abroad.

We welcome Imaflora and ECAS as critical partners for the ongoing success of the FSA”, commented Sven Sielhorst, Systems Director at SAI Platform. “The increase in approved Verification Bodies reflects the increase we notice in FSA verification audits.

These latest additions bring the total number of approved Verification Bodies to twelve. Interested clients can find more information and their contact details in our VB Register.