Regenerating Together: Reflecting on a pivotal year advancing regenerative agriculture

5th December 2023

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In a year marked by the importance of food system resilience, SAI Platform’s Regenerating Together programme has emerged at the forefront of transformative initiatives on regenerating agriculture. A pivotal moment of this journey was the public launch of the Regenerating Together global framework for regenerative agriculture at the World Agri-Tec Summit in September 2023.

Since its release, the global framework for regenerative agriculture has received widespread support from SAI Platform members and the broader food and beverage industry eager to use the framework to transition their supply chains to regenerative agriculture. This positive response underscores the industry’s acknowledgement of the framework’s potential to instigate long-term, systemic change with a positive impact on the environment.

The framework’s release has also sparked interest across academia, governance, finance, and technology, with stakeholders expressing eagerness to explore the framework and collaborate with SAI Platform. Their involvement signifies a collective commitment to advancing regenerative agriculture through a science-based, actionable, and pragmatic framework.

What’s next for Regenerating Together in 2024?

Continued active engagement with SAI Platform members provides valuable insights, prioritising actions to facilitate the adoption of the framework and ensure its effectiveness in guiding the transition to regenerative agriculture.

To strengthen this commitment, the Regenerating Together programme is developing tailored supporting solutions for members:

  1. Implementation Guidance: SAI Platform is drafting comprehensive implementation guidance to provide members with a structured approach for planning and executing transitions to regenerative agriculture. This resource will be anchored in the global framework, offering practical steps and strategies for implementation.
  2. Updated Assessment and Reporting Tool: Recognising the importance of streamlined data collection processes, the Regenerating Together programme is working on an updated version of its assessment and reporting tool. This tool will empower members to systematically collect and organise data, enhancing their ability to measure progress against the benchmarks outlined in the global framework.
  3. Guidelines for Existing Tools and Models: SAI Platform understands the diversity of tools and models in use across the industry. To ensure compatibility and coherence, the programme is developing guidelines and recommendations for leveraging existing tools and models. These guidelines will help members align their measurement and assessment processes with the outcomes articulated in the Regenerating Together framework.

SAI Platform looks forward to sharing these resources with all members early in 2024.

Finally, SAI Platform takes this opportunity to thank our 33 founding members for their support and commitment over the last two years. Their guidance, meaningful discourse and dedication to collaborate at an industry-scale have been instrumental in shaping the success and drive of the Regenerating Together programme.