SAI Platform Announce One Crops Working Group

31st May 2018

BRUSSELS 1st June 2018 – SAI Platform today announces one Crops Working Group as former Arable and Vegetable and Fruit and Nut Working Groups join forces to work together. This new amalgamated group is the operating result of Nick Betts and Jenny Edwards, along with both Working Group chairs, who have been working together over the last twelve months due to overlapping targets and deliverables from the 2017-2020 Work Plans. This cohesive approach allows the Crops Working Group to move forward and focus on priorities highlighted through Spotlight.

Commenting about the functioning purpose of the new Crops Working Group, Nick Betts commented: “The immediate benefits to creating one Crops Working Group removes duplication, creates efficiencies and drives effectiveness, particularly with cross-cutting issues”.

The new Crops Working Group also welcomes two new co-chairs: Emmanuelle Hopkinson from Marks & Spencer and Brian Nash from Ingredion.

Within SAI Platform’s Secretariat, contacts for existing crops initiatives will remain Jenny Edwards for Fruit & Nut and Nick Betts for Arable & Vegetable. All other topics will be allocated accordingly as and when they arise.