SAI Platform delivers comprehensive outcome framework for regenerative agriculture

9th March 2023

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Together with farmers, agri-food experts and the world’s largest food, drink and agriculture brands, SAI Platform is supporting a global transition to drive large-scale, long-term systemic change that will have a positive impact on the environment, while striving to ensure viable farming communities globally.

The arrival of the framework is a critical component and an exciting step forward for SAI Platform’s Regenerative Agriculture Programme that enables arable, dairy and beef farmers anywhere in the world to work with supply chain partners, including food and drink businesses, to achieve measurable regenerative agriculture outcomes.

The programme, consisting of a framework, assessment and reporting tool, supported by implementation guidance, is designed to become an industry recognised, trusted and cost-effective way to assess, measure and report regenerative agriculture impacts on farms worldwide.

As a work in progress, this first version of the framework is the result of extensive consultation with SAI Platform members, farmers, and other technical subject matter experts. Furthermore, the outcomes selected in the framework are based on current scientific consensus, empirical evidence, and farm applicability to maximise positive impact on the ground.

2023 will see the programme and framework continue to evolve, as the tool prototype and implementation guidance are tested in different sectors and geographies, and as new scientific findings emerge. It will be validated based on feedback from farmers, users, farm advisors and the Regenerative Agriculture Programme’s founding members. The piloting phase aims to identify possible gaps within the framework and tool prototype, how these can be rectified and how regenerative agriculture can be best assessed at the farm and supplyshed-level.

The framework is currently exclusively for SAI Platform members. Initially, it will guide members on which outcomes can be expected with adoption of regenerative agriculture.  As an overarching and holistic approach, it is unique in that it acknowledges that there is no one size fits all solution. By building in reporting flexibility, it recognises the diversity of farming practices, and geographies globally. All SAI Platform members can access this first version of the framework via My SAI Platform.

SAI Platform members can also expect the release of the first version of an excel-based assessment and reporting tool in May 2023. The tool prototype is a proof of concept for the framework and will be refined over time. The release will be accompanied by the first edition of the Implementation Guidance to provide users with clear direction on how to support and implement regenerative agriculture within their supply chains.