SAI Platform hosts another successful FSA Training Event in Lille

4th June 2019

BRUSSELS, Belgium. June 4, 2019 – The 3rd Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) Training Event of 2019 was held in Lille, France on 22-24 May. Building on the successes of previous training events this year including Beijing, China (17 January) and São Paulo, Brazil (10-12 April) the Lille training event left participants with a thorough understanding of the FSA approach and toolset.

Attendees including manufacturers, processors, co-operatives, verification bodies and standard owners were able to take full advantage of the opportunity to share and hear experiences about the value of using the FSA.

Commenting about the success of this specialised training course, Joe Rushton, FSA Manager for SAI Platform stated – “It has been a pleasure to run these training events. They provide an important opportunity for us all to connect with the future users of the FSA and to learn and understand their needs. Fundamentally, the training events are a great way for businesses to ensure that they get the most value out of using the FSA right from the start.

The FSA training events offer key support to FSA users. Detailed guidance on how to use the FSA most effectively is combined with in-depth analysis using real examples from the participants supply chains such as SAI Platform member Heineken, who shared their extensive experience of implementing the FSA.

The on-site field visit on Ignace Vercruysse’s farm gave the opportunity to learn directly about sustainable vegetable farming and see up-close the innovative approaches being used.

The training also included hands-on practice with the FSA web-application as well as sessions on building an FSA implementation strategy and communicating about the results. 

Speaking after the Lille event, Andrii Lysenko from Alfa Service LLC contributed that “I cannot thank-you enough for this wonderful opportunity to meet and make friends with such great, and most importantly, like-minded people from all over the world! I will definitely dive deeper into the issue of sustainability from now on.”

Special thanks go to SAI Platform members Ardo Foods for co-ordinating such a fantastic field visit.

And if you missed it, do not worry! 2019 will offer the opportunity to attend an FSA Training Event near you:

 Stay posted for further news on the SAI Platform agenda and emails announcing details on registration, dates and location.