SAI Platform Introduces FSA 2.1

16th May 2018

Greater clarity, precision and value for farmers and the extended value chain

BRUSSELS 17, May 2018 – SAI Platform today announced the new Farm Sustainability Assessment Version 2.1. This latest version includes amendments guided by invaluable feedback from SAI Platform members using the FSA tool, to produce a clear, precise and effective update for the questionnaire. FSA 2.1 is also available in 19 languages that can be downloaded from 17 May and will be available in the FSA web-application on the 28 of May. 

On the launch of the Farm Sustainability Assessment 2.1, FSA Programme Lead, Sven Sielhorst commented “Incorporating feedback and updating as the programme grows is vital to building commitment for FSA usage and ultimately creating value for farmers and the rest of the value chain”

Based on constructive feedback since the launch of FSA 2.0 in 2014, FSA 2.1 is designed to ensure maximum continuity for users by maintaining the equivalence of benchmarking results and farm level assessments. Clearly worded questions need less time for interpretation, giving users greater confidence in their answers, and allowing for more accurate responses.

Full details of the revision can be viewed in the document ‘SAI Platform Farm Sustainability Assessment 2.0 vs 2.1’ which displays the old and new text (highlighted in yellow) side by side.

We would like to thank all of the organisations who provided feedback, with special mention to the project team members: AgranaDiana Food (Symrise Group),  Grain Farmers of Ontario, and Nordzucker, who made significant contributions to help deliver the final version.

We would also like to show our appreciation and gratitude to NIAB who were hired to collate the feedback and combine it with their technical expertise.