SAI Platform invests in the assurance of the FSA Performance Claim

28th August 2019

SAI Platform is ensuring that verified FSA Performance Claims remain robust and reliable as the number of farmers belonging to FSA verified Farm Management Groups quickly approaches the 100,000-mark.

Sven Sielhorst, Systems Director at SAI Platform pointed out the importance of these investments: “Leading food and drinks companies use these claims to demonstrate sustainable sourcing. The FSA Performance Claim allows producers to provide their customers with the confidence that their products are grown using sustainable agricultural practices.”

SAI Platform continues to enhance its verification oversight. The recent upgrade in the FSA Verification Body and Auditor Requirements contains stricter provisions for approval as an FSA Verification Body. Furthermore, a new partnership with GLOBALG.A.P. is helping SAI Platform to improve its verification oversight by leveraging the extensive experience and existing infrastructure of this well-established global certification initiative.

“This collaboration with GLOBALG.A.P. significantly improves the transparency of all relevant procedures, and leaves SAI Platform firmly in control of the final decision making.”

“The fact that GLOBALG.A.P. is servicing multiple audit companies around the world already means that it is easy for existing and interested Verification Bodies to apply for FSA Verification Body Approval”, explained Sielhorst.

Already, many of the existing FSA Verification Bodies have reapplied for VB status under the new requirements.

As a means to ensure ongoing investment in the reliability of the FSA Performance Claim, SAI Platform has recently introduced a VB License Fee. This will help expand the FSA integrity programme and provide Verification Bodies and auditors with the appropriate training and support.