SAI Platform issues overview of available Water Footprinting Methodologies for Livestock

4th February 2015

“Water Footprinting of Livestock” is the title of a new report summarizing key water footprinting methodologies existing today for livestock production, and highlighting gaps and areas for improvement. The report highlights and assesses more than 20 articles of scientific nature or published in the media.

This report has been developed by SAI Platform’s Water Committee at the request of SAI Platform’s Dairy and Beef Working Groups.

One of the report’s key conclusions is that the very existence and use of so many different methodologies complicates comparing results between products and countries, makes it difficult to identify mitigation strategies, and somewhat confuses communication efforts.

To address this, the report recommends for the global beef and dairy industries to select one industry approved methodology to show and promote continuous improvement on water efficiency. This would in turn allow for better measurement of progress at sector level, and more informed public policy-making.

SAI Platform’s Dairy Working Group is therefore pleased to be collaborating with the International Dairy Federation (IDF) on addressing the gaps that were identified in the report. The IDF is currently developing a common methodology for water footprinting for the dairy sector.

Finally, the reports also provides suggestions for further research, including a focus on the water footprint of dairy feed, and identifying most efficient beef production systems.

For the full report please click here.