SAI Platform launches FSA Training Toolkit and FSA Topic Guides

16th April 2019

SAI Platform today announces that the FSA Training Toolkit and the FSA Topic Guides are now available online to provide improved guidance and training materials to support on-farm implementation of the Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA).

The FSA Training Toolkit

The newly released FSA Training Toolkit will help farm advisors and other professionals to better communicate about sustainable agricultural practices to farmers. A set of highly practical instruction materials will make it easier for farmers to become more sustainable, profitable and resilient.

Yesterday, at an exclusive webinar for SAI Platform members, the FSA Training Toolkit was presented by Hans van Dieijen from Control Union. This webinar demonstrated a close up of the beneficial impact and advantage of the FSA Training Toolkit in practice and how they can be customised to local settings.

The FSA Training Toolkit is based on the Sustainable Farming Programme Toolkit, an extensive set of proprietary materials that PepsiCo shared with SAI Platform to help speed up the adoption of sustainable agriculture practices. Developed by Control Union, the PepsiCo materials have been put to the test on many crops in over 40 countries worldwide.

“By sharing these rich materials with SAI Platform, PepsiCo has given real testimony of the power of pre-competitive collaboration. The new FSA Training Toolkit will enable many farmers to benefit from the experience that PepsiCo gained over the years. Companies can just take these materials and support farmers become more sustainable, instead of having to reinvent the wheel”, says Sven Sielhorst, Systems Director at SAI Platform.

The FSA Training Toolkit is freely available on the website. Current materials cover 78 of the 112 questions in the FSA Questionnaire. SAI Platform will add the materials for the remaining questions over the next months.

The FSA Topic Guides

The FSA Training Toolkit also complements the recently launched FSA Topic Guides, a new SAI Platform resource to help farm group managers and farm advisors to understand sustainable agricultural practices according to the FSA. The FSA Topic Guides have been developed with the support of NIAB and cover all topic areas and questions in the FSA Questionnaire.  

“Working with SAI Platform to develop the FSA Topic Guides has been an excellent opportunity for NIAB to support sustainable crop production. It will serve as an effective resource to help individuals in food and beverage supply chains to deploy the FSA with growers and farmers – thereby scaling uptake.” – commented Ben Hunt from NIAB.

SAI Platform will hold a members-only webinar to explain the FSA Topic Guides on May 1st at 4 p.m. CET. In the meantime, users can use this brief instruction video to understand how to navigate the guides.

SAI Platform is confident that the FSA Topic Guides and the FSA Training Toolkit will contribute to an increased uptake in sustainable agricultural practices. The materials are currently only available in English, and therefore we call upon users to translate the documents and share them on the Platform.

Download the FSA Topic Guides and FSA Training Toolkit for free at