SAI Platform welcomes GRA as a new partner

6th July 2022

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SAI Platform is pleased to welcome
the Global Research Alliance on
Agricultural Greenhouse Gases
as its newest industry partner.

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Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Platform (SAI Platform) is pleased to welcome Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases (GRA) as its newest formal partner.

Both organisations are actively working to drive the development and adoption of more sustainable agriculture practices at scale while feeding the growing human population. With companies and governments committed to targets on carbon reduction, nature, regenerative agriculture and human rights including livelihoods, SAI Platform and the GRA see real value in cooperating and supporting each other to achieve their common ambitions.

The GRA brings 66 countries together to find ways to grow more food without growing greenhouse gas emissions. It consists of member countries and partner organisations who contribute to the expertise and evidence-based research available through the GRA. Activities of the GRA are increasingly relevant to both global and national priorities as more importance is placed on global food security and addressing climate change.

SAI Platform is a global, not-for-profit organisation transforming the food and drink industry to source and produce more sustainably. With more than 160 member companies across the global food and drink industry, it is at the forefront in pioneering sustainable agriculture around the world.  It enables members to share expertise, create solutions to common challenges and promote sustainable agriculture in a precompetitive environment. By developing tools and principles it aims to create secure and resilient agricultural supply chains.

The partnership brings together the GRA’s research approach, backed by government membership, and SAI Platform’s on farm and industry supply chain approach, backed by food and beverage companies and farm input providers. By collaborating and sharing knowledge going forwards, both organisations will benefit greatly.

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