SAI Platform Welcomes Three New Members

25th January 2018

SAI Platform has a very clear mission to promote the worldwide development of sustainable agriculture across the food and drink supply chain. While drawing on the experience and expertise from our members through participation and collaboration, we aim to ensure that sustainable agriculture establishes itself as the answer to one of today’s important challenges.

As a member-driven organisation, SAI Platform continues to scale as a leading player in sustainable agriculture, and we are very pleased to welcome three new members to our organisation: CitrosucoHopsteiner and Kalsec®.

Introducing Citrosuco – Key Facts

SAI Platform Member since October 2017

Citrosuco is a 100% Brazilian-owned closed-capital company operating at all stages of the orange juice production chain, from cultivating fruit to the delivery of products. As an export-oriented company and Citrosuco’s customers are found mainly in the beverage segment and are located in more than 100 countries in all regions of the world. With a total of 47 operating units consisting of four processing plants, 29 farms, three storage operations, five port terminals and six sales offices, Citrosuco is one of the world’s largest orange juice companies.

Sustainability Practice in Use

Citrosuco is committed to various self-initiated environment and social projects. These include:

Why is SAI Platform Membership Important?

Citrosuco’s interests are centred on the Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) tool, Fruit group, ESG and ODS aspects linked to fruit and orange juice supply chain. Citrosuco is also focused on knowledge exchange with fellow members and industry peers regarding these aspects.

Introducing Hopsteiner – Key Facts

SAI Platform Member since December 2017

Hopsteiner is a family-owned business that has been growing and brokering hops since 1845, supplying quality hops and hop products to the brewing industry. For the past six generations, Hospteiner has continuously evolved and developed the science and technology for growing, processing, and distributing hops through constant research and development.

Hopsteiner’s 170 years of experience and tradition is heading into the future and as one of the world’s largest hop growers, sustainability has long played a part of the company’s approach to farming.

Hopsteiner are particularly interested in being a part of an industry working group on benchmarking the US hop farming industry using SAI Platform’s FSA.

Sustainability Practice in Use

Hopsteiner is currently engaged in numerous sustainability practices, including:

Why is SAI Platform Membership Important?

Hopsteiner’s interest is two-fold: to be part of an industry recognised sustainability programme and to accommodate specific customer requests.

Introducing Kalsec® – Key Facts

SAI Platform Member since December 2017

Kalsec® is the leading global producer of natural spice and herb flavour extracts, colours, antioxidants, and advanced hop products for the food and beverage industry.  For nearly 60 years, Kalsec® has consistently delivered high-quality, innovative ingredient solutions that make products look better, taste better and last longer while respecting the people and planet in which we live.

Sustainability Practice in Use

Sustainable agriculture is currently tackled at Kalsec®through various approaches along their supply chain. Some of these approaches include:

Why is SAI Platform Membership Important?

As leaders in the market of natural plant extracts, Kalsec® is interested in collaborating and networking with peers. Their aim is also to build a more robust sustainable supply chain for their agricultural raw materials.