SAIRISI Case Study – Sustainable Italian Rice Project

10th April 2018

SAIRISI Sustainable Italian Rice Project case study takes us to the rice fields in the north-west of Italy. As a unique example of pre-competitive collaboration across the value chain, we meet the SAI Platform members, the farmers, millers, local experts and institutions involved. We find out how training sessions and knowledge sharing have changed rice production. Precision agriculture, better water management and cover crop are just some of the practices being used for a more sustainable rice production.

SAI Platform’s case studies provide a guide to the experiences, developments and main lessons learnt from member-driven on the ground projects. Underpinning every SAI Platform project is the need for pre-competitive collaboration, implementation of best practice and a united commitment to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to improve economic, environmental, and social sustainability across the value chains. Our case studies highlight exactly what SAI Platform is doing and how together, we are changing the industry.

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