Sustainable Agriculture Principles and Practices: our tool to support companies in advancing sustainability

3rd March 2021

SAI Platform has published an updated version of its Sustainable Agriculture Principles and Practices. Originally created in 2009 for arable and vegetable crops, cereals, coffee, fruit, water management, in 2013 for beef, in 2015 for dairy, SAI Platform’s Principles and Practices have since guided the focus of all working groups, collaborative projects and development of industry solutions. This new publication offers a reviewed, revised and consolidated overview of these principles and practices making them relevant and applicable to today’s agri-food industry.

SAI Platform’s Principles define sustainable agriculture and what can potentially be achieved as an industry. The Practices identify how to implement the principles of sustainable agriculture and provide the backbone to SAI Platform’s position statements.

As a reference document, they provide a solid foundation for good practice as well as strategic decision making, communications, and progress monitoring on key topics that companies may want to action in their own sustainable agriculture commitments and plans.

The Sustainable Agriculture Principles and Practices are freely available for everyone to download and provide a clear definition of what sustainable agriculture entails and what actions can be taken on the ground and in the supply chain to support improvements.

Individual files for each of the principles as well as key visuals are exclusively available to SAI Platform members to use as an additional resource for their sustainability activities and reports.