Sustainable Dairy Partnership marks digital milestone in industry collaboration

27th September 2021

SAI Platform’s Sustainable Dairy Partnership (SDP) launches the SDP Reporting Hub, a significant milestone that provides a unified and metric driven approach for dairy processors and buyers to demonstrate their sustainability progress. The launch of the SDP Reporting Hub is a strong indicator as to how the dairy industry at large is undergoing a transformational change towards a more sustainable and accountable supply chain. Users of the SDP Reporting Hub will have access to primary key data revealing a company’s maturity in terms of sustainability benchmarking, targets and areas of improvement. As an industry tool, the SDP Reporting Hub can be used globally while continuing to build confidence between processors and buyers to ensure stronger and longer lasting relationships.

Key features of the SDP Reporting Hub include user profile and a personalised dashboard. By using just one tool, dairy processors can now choose to publish and share their targets and progress reports to all their customers. For companies procuring from processors, there is a directory of suppliers as well as access to their reports. Trained verification bodies can be permitted access by the processors to externally verify the reports being shared in turn providing additional credibility. 

“The SDP Reporting Hub is a significant milestone in our journey.” commented Hansel New, Sustainability Director DFA, SDP Chair.

“It will enable us to scale our efforts through an aligned and credible approach accepted by both processors and buyers to track the transformation to sustainable dairy supply chains.”

The SDP Reporting Hub was created together with Muddy Boots by TELUS Agriculture, who have for over 24 years provided software solutions to the food industry in a bid to connect food and farming supply chains for a safer, more sustainable future. 

“Muddy Boots is delighted to have partnered with SAI Platform and worked closely with SDP members to build a solution enabling collaboration, clarity, and progress on sustainability within the dairy industry.“ commentedKevin Ramm, Head of Sustainability, Muddy Boots by TELUS Agriculture.

Currently, the SDP represents approximately 30% of the total globally traded milk volumes. This strong commitment within the dairy sector for the SDP and the use of the SDP Reporting Hub highlight the importance of industry collaboration, transparency and efficiency through the gathering and sharing of accurate data. 

Already the benefits of using the SDP Reporting Hub are inspiring many buyers to request more of their suppliers to join. Similarly, it has sparked interest among suppliers as they can easily communicate their progress to various buyers, and importantly reduce the need for multiple audits, standards, and duplication of efforts. 

The SDP Reporting HUB is a fundamental part of SAI Platform’s long-term plan to support the industry on a global scale to accelerate the transformation towards more sustainable agricultural supply chains. The level of collaboration involved allows for improvements to be tracked, recognised and rewarded from farm level through to industry level. 

The SDP Reporting HUB will be presented at an IDF Webinar on September 30th at 14.00 CET. To register for this event, go to the SAI Platform website.

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