The Doñana Berry Project Case Study – Innovative Collaboration for Advancing Sustainability

4th September 2018

The Doñana region in Huelva, Spain, is home to an incredible array of biodiversity including more than 6 million migratory birds as well as being the heart of Spain’s strawberry production. However, due to multiple factors, the wetlands are in danger of drying up. Significantly decreased water levels not only threaten the production of strawberries and other crops, but also threaten one of Europe’s most important ecological systems and the livelihoods of an estimated 200,000 people. 

This case studytells the story of how in 2014, SAI Platform’s Doñana Berry Project members began working together with WWF Spain having seen the urgent need and an opportunity for the private sector to initiate change and scale efforts on water sustainability in the region.

SAI Platform’s case studies provide a guide to the experiences, developments and main lessons learnt from member-driven on the ground projects. Underpinning every SAI Platform project is the need for pre-competitive collaboration, implementation of best practice and a united commitment to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to improve economic, environmental, and social sustainability across the value chains. Our case studies highlight exactly what SAI Platform is doing and how together, we are changing the industry.

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