We welcome Bairds Malt as a SAI Platform member

8th March 2023

“SAI Platform’s Farm Sustainability Assessment is an important part of the jigsaw as it validates the work we have been carrying out on farm and helps to pool our knowledge with other beneficiaries in the supply chain. All stages of the supply chain are dependant on developing sustainable farming practices and finding ways to collaborate and explore solutions, helping not just us but future generations to come”

Owen Southwood, Procurement Director & Scotgrain General Manager, Bairds Malt.

Established in Glasgow in 1823, Bairds Malt was founded as a family-owned business and is now celebrating 200 years of malting heritage. A trusted partner to many of the world’s leading brewers and distillers, they employ approximately 180 people in four malting locations across the UK and partner with over 800 of the best UK barley growers to ensure consistent quality.

Bairds Malt and their merchanting arm, Scotgrain are committed to working with growers to reduce carbon in the production of barley for malting and wheat for distilling. They only source barley from growers who are verified at silver or gold level by SAI Platform’s Farm Sustainability Assessment and have recently joined the Cool Farm Alliance to support growers in measuring their carbon footprint with the Cool Farm Tool. Both tools are instrumental in assisting Bairds Malt with identifying opportunities for continuous improvement.  

To learn more about Bairds Malt, please visit their website.