We welcome Capua 1880 as a new SAI Platform member

11th September 2020

“We believe that becoming a member of SAI Platform will give us a great framework to progress more efficiently on our sustainable agriculture journey. At Capua we are also committed to bring traction into our local context and, on a global scale, to learn from others’ experiences and get better at what we do.”

Laurent Bert, Sales VP, Capua 1880

Capua 1880 is a leading Italian company in the extraction and processing of citrus essential oils like bergamot, mandarin, lemon and sweet orange.

Based in Reggio Calabria, Italy, their direct sales extend across 54 countries.

Capua 1880 are members of UEBT (Union for Ethical BioTrade), CDP, EcoVadis and Sedex.

To learn more about Capua 1880: