We welcome NSI Group as a SAI Platform member

3rd April 2024

“We are excited to engage with SAI Platform to further our mission, increase the implementation of regenerative agriculture in our supply chains, and collaborate with industry leaders to pioneer solutions for a regenerative future!”

Mitch Theisen , Director of CSR & Regenerative Sourcing

Natural Sourcing International (NSI Group) is a leading private label food supplier based in Los Angeles, California. NSI is specialised in offering sustainable and responsibly produced superfoods, baking ingredients, food supplements and healthy snacks for retailers in the North American market.

NSI Group has been actively working to help its existing core ingredient suppliers get on the regenerative agriculture journey by partnering with external organisations that can support its producers. In addition to this, NSI Group is developing new supply chains to help increase market access for regenerative producers while creating value for consumers to fulfil its mission to “make sustainable food available to all.”

With traceability back to origin, NSI Group makes sure that all products support sustainable agriculture practices through farm-level certifications such as Non-GMO Project, USDA Organic, and Regenerative Organic Certified (ROC).

To learn more about NSI Group, visit their website.