We welcome Darigold as a SAI Platform member

21st February 2022

“Darigold’s membership within SAI Platform and importantly the SDP allows for the benchmarking and performance tracking of best management practices. Open communication about continuous improvement efforts in environmental stewardship, engagement and development of the workforce and excellent animal-care practices creates supply chain value. Thus, ensuring farmers’ success today and in subsequent generations.”

Antone Mickelson, Director of Farm Practices & Sustainability, Darigold

Darigold is the marketing and processing subsidiary of the Northwest Dairy Association (NDA), a farmer-owned and led cooperative founded in 1918 by a small group of Washington farmers. Today, Darigold accounts for eleven processing facilities and sends upward of 40% of its production to customers in over thirty foreign markets, the largest being Mexico.

Approximately 350 farmer-owners of Northwest Dairy Association share a commitment to caring for the land, animals and people that make up their farm. They recently pledged to neutralise their greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 by promoting farm-level carbon sequestration projects. As a result of their leadership in sustainability, Darigold have won five US Dairy Sustainability Awards in the last six years.

To learn more about Darigold and Northewest Dairy Association, visit: