We welcome Dreher Group as a SAI Platform member

10th May 2021

“At Dreher Group, we see it of vital importance to protect the raw materials that we source and process. Therefore, after many years using the FSA, we are looking to expand it across our supply chain becoming a SAI Platform member. This will also help us make our contribution in the implementation of sustainable farming practices.”

Tatjana Prasser, Head of Environmental Management, Dreher Group

Dreher Group is a medium-sized family business founded in 1924. At its headquarters in Stockach, Germany fruit juices as well as concentrates and purees are produced. In 2017 a second production site opened in Koprzywnica, Poland producing apple juice in the highest quality. Both sites are located close to fruit-growing areas in order to reduce the distance between growers and the production sites as well as optimise the production process.

Sustainability along the supply chain is a top priority for the Dreher Group. In Stockach, Germany the main focus is on regional tree planting and bee projects for the preservation of wild apple orchards due to its location in the Lake Constance area. The site in Koprzywnica, Poland focuses on projects in cooperation with its suppliers to improve sustainable agriculture as well as planting trees for fruit juice production.

To learn more about the Dreher Group’s sustainability projects: