We welcome Great Lakes Grain as a SAI Platform member

6th June 2024

“SAI Platform allows us at Great Lakes Grain to be sure that when making sustainability decisions, we can operate alongside global leaders to help implement the best solution for our farmers.”

Nick Williamson,Senior solutions Manager

Great Lakes Grain is a grain marketing company based in Canada. It is one of the largest operators of Ontario country elevators, representing 20 million bushels of storage capacity with a total marketing of 50 million bushels. Great Lakes Grain serves farmers out of 27 AGRIS Co-operative, FS PARTNERS, and Embrun Co-op branded locations that span from Windsor through to Ottawa and North to Georgian Bay.

As Great Lake Grain progresses on its sustainability journey with Canadian Farmers, the organisation works with large global end-users to support their initiatives and goals in supplying, documenting, and tracking sustainably grown grain to their operations and helping the farmers to promote their sustainable practices.

To learn more about Great Lakes Grain, visit their website.