We welcome Griffith Foods as a new SAI Platform member

9th October 2019

“Griffith Foods is committed to sustainability and we see SAI Platform helping us to achieve our sustainability goals. We are excited to exchange our knowledge with other members through our experience in farm level programmes in India, Albania, and Vietnam.”

Greg Metschke, VP Purchasing, Griffith Foods

Griffith Foods is a family-owned global product development partner, specialising in food ingredients. The company’s purpose, “We Blend Care and Creativity to Nourish the World,” drives the organisation to leverage its unique skills and capabilities to create and scale positive impact for partners and stakeholders across the value chain.

Founded in 1919 and now with an active presence in over 30 countries, Griffith Foods’ product development expertise is built on the power of Creating Better Together™. Through a collaborative innovation process, Griffith Foods leverages its strength in culinary arts, food science, consumer insights and sensory science to develop products that meet customers’ needs, creating culturally authentic, on-trend and great tasting recipes.

Griffith Foods’ triple-bottom-line sustainability platform, built on People, Planet and Performance, serves as a lens and a filter for all company activities. Initiatives include: sustainable sourcing of key ingredients in the Americas, Europe and Asia; efforts to feed local communities; growth and development programmes for employees; and a product portfolio evolution to provide end-consumers with healthy and nutritious options.

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