We welcome InVivo as a SAI Platform member

7th May 2024

“InVivo is proud to join the international SAI Platform network to help our subsidiaries to develop ambitious sustainable agriculture through our Sowing Good Sense initiative. With a resolute focus on resilient and regenerative agriculture, we will be sharing our expertise and our capacity for innovation.”

Thierry Blandinières ,Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

InVivo is one of Europe’s leading agricultural groups with a presence in 35 countries. Operating across the entire value chain, in international grain trade, agriculture, agri-food (malt, wheat and wine divisions) and retail, is has been a certified B Corporation since 2020.

The expertise and capacity for innovation ingrained in InVivo’s activities support changes in agricultural practices in order to rise to environmental and social challenges as well as the expectations of customers and consumers for high-quality, sustainable products.

InVivo is contributing to the transition in agriculture and food through Sowing Good Sense, its sustainable cereal value chain approach. With almost 10,000 partner-farmers around the world, Sowing Good Sense is at the forefront of sustainable development issues including carbon footprint reduction, biodiversity preservation, better water management, and healthier soil life.

InVivo is a pioneer in traced and regenerative supply chains for field crops. In France with Soufflet Agriculture, and internationally with the world’s leading maltster, Malteries Soufflet, InVivo is developing positive-impact offers to drive a genuine agro-ecological transition on a large scale.

For more information on InVivo, visit their website.