We welcome iTi Tropicals as a SAI Platform member

11th January 2021

“iTi is excited to join SAI Platform as we will have the opportunity to engage with our processors to improve on-farm sustainability. At iTi Tropicals we look forward to working with and learning from other member companies who have similar challenges in sustainability around the world.”

Monica Mitteness, Director, Corporate & Supply Chain Quality, iTi Tropicals

iTi Tropicals is a leading supplier of tropical and exotic fruit juice concentrates and purees, headquartered in New Jersey, US. iTi’s key sourcing regions include Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, India, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia.

iTi Tropicals and its partners share a focus on sustainability and social accountability. Its commitment to communities and the environment are key values along with implementing programs that support the development of employees.

To learn more about iTi Tropicals: