We welcome Pomona Farming as a SAI Platform member

9th November 2023

“Joining SAI platform underscores our commitment to leading sustainable, outcomes-based farming practices achieved through innovation and collaboration across the value-chain. We are honored to join this esteemed network of change-makers who are making critical strides to transform the food system.”

David De Almeida, Senior Vice President, Pomona Farming

Pomona Farming is a values-driven agricultural enterprise committed to sustainable farming practices focused on multilateral industry engagement that delivers nutritious and clean food to markets globally. Their regenerative farming practices are meticulously designed to efficiently promote ecological health, conserve precious natural resources and cultivate a positive community impact. Pomona Farming’s operation spans over 33,000 acres of farmland, bolstered by a transparent value-chain model that produces a diverse range of crops including premium California almonds, pistachios, olive oil, raisins, walnuts and more.

To learn more about Pomona Farming visit their website.