We welcome Roquette as a new SAI Platform member

10th June 2019

“As Roquette has fixed an ambitious objective to reach 20% of its Raw Material supply certified or rated as sustainable by 2025, we are very interested to improve our knowledge about responsible sourcing through SAI Platform. Roquette looks forward to sharing experience with such a professional network and further develop its sustainable approach.”

Massimiliano Benso, Head of Global Supply Chain, Roquette

Roquette is a global leader in plant-based ingredients and a pioneer of new vegetal proteins for Food, Nutrition and Health markets.

All agricultural raw materials such as maize, wheat, starch potatoes and peas, are key for the Roquette Group and its activities.

Currently operating in over 100 countries, Roquette has a turnover of around 3.5 billion euros and employs 8,600 people worldwide.

Focus on continuous progress with a strong commitment to sustainability, Roquette is a member of UN Global Compact and has been publishing an annual Activity and Sustainable Development report since 2008.