We welcome SaraSpice as a SAI Platform member

16th June 2023

“As a member and contributor to SAI Platform, we embrace a steadfast commitment to sustainable sourcing and production. By joining forces with global stakeholders, we strengthen our dedication to responsible practices, ensuring the integrity of our supply chain, protecting the environment, and promoting social well-being. Together, we cultivate a sustainable future for all.”

Duwen Babat, General Manager

Saraspice Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of the Malaysian Pepper Board specialises in sourcing and marketing of the Sarawak renowned quality peppers to international customers in Japan, Korea, China, Mauritius, the EU and the USA.

Saraspice is at the forefront of sustainability initiatives in Malaysia’s pepper industry through supplier engagement and capacity building, aimed at meeting food safety and sustainability requirements. Committed to continuous improvement, Saraspice endeavors to enhance its operations and encourage suppliers to adopt sustainable agriculture practices, thereby improving their livelihoods.

To learn more about SaraSpice visit their website.