We welcome Synlait Milk as a SAI Platform member

15th February 2021

“Synlait’s purpose is Doing Milk Differently For A Healthier World – sustainability is central to all we do. We’re making good progress toward our bold ambitions but we won’t get there on our own. We need to collaborate with others. Joining the SAI Platform will help us find likeminded businesses who we can share with and learn from.”

Hamish Reid, Director of Sustainability and Brand, Synlait Milk

Synlait Milk combines expert and sustainable farming practices with state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to produce a range of nutritional milk products that provide genuine benefits for human health and wellbeing. Synlait has a disruptive, innovative spirit combined with resolute determination to do the right thing for planet and people.

Achieving this means taking stock of the current environmental footprint and implementing on-farm and off-farm initiatives that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, eliminate water degradation, transition from a linear to a circular economy, procure sustainable packaging and improve the welfare of the animals and ecosystems we depend upon. Synlait has set some ambitious environmental targets including a 35% reduction in GHG emissions on-farm per kilogram of milk solids and 50% reduction off-farm by 2028, and a 45% reduction in nitrogen loss on-farm by 2028. The final aim is to have a net positive impact on the planet.

To support on-farm sustainability roadmap, Synlait has developed a standard called “Lead With Pride™” which has a focus on Milk Quality, Animal Health and Welfare, Social Responsibility and Environment. The independently audited programme recognises and financially rewards suppliers who achieve dairy farming best practice, and is Australasia’s first internationally accredited ISO/IEC 17065 dairy farm assurance system. Synlait has the ability to differentiate milk streams from farm to factory, and can therefore reward its Lead With Pride™ certified milk suppliers for the work they do on farm.

Synlait’s commitment to elevating people and planet to the same level as profit was recognised in June 2020 when it became a Certified B Corporation™.

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