We welcome United Sugar Producers and Refiners Cooperative as a SAI Platform member

11th October 2023

“United is excited to further develop our sustainability programme as a SAI Platform member. Our sugar co-ops have been investing over multiple generations to implement and expand on sustainability practices. We are proud of our operations from the ground up as we continue to align with our customers within the value chain and provide transparency to the sugar we supply.”

Donna Isakson, Sales and Marketing Manager

Founded in 1994, the United Sugar Producers and Refiners Cooperative is a marketing cooperative that currently supplies a quarter of the US sugar demand (industrial or retail). The cooperative is owned by four sugar producers : American Crystal Sugar Company, Minn-Dak Farmers Cooperative, U.S. Sugar Corporation and Wyoming Sugar Corporation.

Through more than 3,500 farmers, large and small, United Sugars responsibly operates and farms more than 595,000 acres of land.

To learn more about United Sugar Producers and Refiners Cooperative visit their website.