European Sugar Beet

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During its lifetime, our European Sugar Beet Project created a unique environment of precompetitive collaboration that enabled members to reach sustainability objectives more easily, changing the industry.

2013 to 2018
Across Europe
Sugar Beet
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The challenge

Although the European sugar beet industry works hard to achieve and maintain stability in the sugar beet supply chain it faced challenges that stakeholders couldn’t overcome alone.


  • Creating a more sustainable sugar beet industry
  • Harmonising sustainability definitions and farming practices in the sugar beet industry
  • Supporting implementation of SAI Platform’s Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) programme
  • Becoming a leader and reference point for sustainability in the sugar industry.


  • SAI Platfom launched the project and approached beet sugar suppliers to join and hosted a workshop to help set the project in motion. We provided support to companies carrying out benchmarking work and liaising with their farmers regarding the FSA roll out.
  • In 2015, SAI Platform hosted a workshop to encourage take up of FSA.


  • The project offered a pre-competitive, collaborative environment for competitors to meet and share knowledge
  • Project members met twice a year to review current best practices, discuss industries and brainstorm ways to improve sustainability in the sugar beet supply chain
  • Sugar beet industry sustainability standards were improved and the supply system was de-risked
  • A critical mass of farmers and members was able to change the industry
  • The FSA was established as a benchmarking, self-assessment, and verification standard in the sugar beet industry
  • Closer relationships across the supply chain facilitated cooperation in meeting collaborative and individual objectives
  • Lessons learned led to the creation of a Russian Sugar Beet Project.