Gap Analysis: Climate Intelligence (Brazil)

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Achieving a joint transformational change for dairy and coffee growers in a key Brazilian region for food production, biodiversity conservation and water supply.

Mantiqueira region, Brazil
Coffee and dairy
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The challenge

The Mantiqueira region, including São Paulo and Minas Gerais, Sul de Minas and the Mogiana Paulista regions, is the main arabica coffee producing region in the world and the largest dairy region in Brazil. Many of our members are sourcing in this region and are looking for opportunities in regenerative agriculture.

The top priority for SAI Platform’s Brazil Committee is to adapt the right tools to implement best practices related to climate adaptation. Water scarcity and floods are the most damaging consequences of global heating, bringing the urgent need for collaborative action.

By focusing on solutions that can be applied at the landscape-level to small- and medium-scale farmers, this project will have translatable and transferrable key learning points, best practices, and conservation practices to almost every region, crop, and cattle in Brazil.


  • Develop a gap assessment to discover why and where we should act.
  • Identify partners, local resources and potential funding sources.
  • Develop a funding proposal for a potential collaborative project in 2021.

Who's Involved

Project Members
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