International Executive Programme on Sustainable Sourcing and Trade

18 Nov 2019 – 19 Nov 2019Gravina in Puglia and Matera, Italy & Curitiba, Brazil

SAI Platform is excited to offer our members a new International Executive Programme on Sustainable Sourcing and Trade.

Designed specifically for sustainability professionals active in different parts of the value chain, this ground-breaking Executive Programme on Sustainable Sourcing and Trade will be held simultaneously on 18-19 November in Italy by Cranfield University, UK and Brazil by ISAE, Brazil.

While collaborating with the International Trade Centre (ITC) and a network of 11 leading academic institutions in the field of sustainability this new and innovative Executive Programme will reflect our strategy to enhance our global presence while empowering members worldwide.

Taking place on 18-19 November 2019 in Gravina in Puglia and Matera Italy and Curitiba, Brazil this Executive Programme offers sustainability managers and executives a practical set of tools that:

  • Identify sustainability risks and opportunities in specific global value chains;
  • Develop approaches to incorporate sustainability considerations in value chains;
  • Mitigate sustainability-related issues and risks in value chains;
  • Identify and leverage areas for leadership in building sustainable global value chains;
  • Build solid relationships across functions, entities and geographies;
  • Offer a safe space to share views and experiences on the synergies and tensions of integrating sustainability, corporate agendas and personal development.

The International Executive Programme will include a half day field visit to offer on the ground insights into sustainability practices. In Italy it will be kindly hosted by Andriani S.p.A. and in Brazil by PepsiCo both SAI Platform members.

Some highlights of the new International Executive Programme:

  • Integrated online sessions for attendees in Italy and Brazil to interact and share challenges, opportunities and discuss key learning points for different environments.
  • A pre-webinar introductory course and simultaneous connection during the course and a special post-event follow-up to make sure we’re not just ‘back at our desks’.
  • Get access to an online network of international and like-minded business food & beverage professionals to stimulate active interaction, identify opportunities for collaboration and develop a global perspective.
  • Access to all materials and tools discussed during the course.
  • ‘Hands-on’ sustainability tools workshop for participants to learn and experience the practical use of tools. Tailor-make solutions by applying tools and frameworks learned relevant to each participant’s sustainability challenges.
  • A close-up and in-depth examination of specific themes and mega trends (e.g. water management, biodiversity, climate change etc.,).
  • Examining areas such as deforestation free; biodiversity; production shifts global trends to be approached and developed through global value chains? Looking into the main challenges in  real life of different geographies, different socio-economic backgrounds with similar set of sustainability goals.

Registration is now open.