Americas Committee starts with focus on 2020

12th November 2019

On 6th November, SAI Platform’s Americas Committee met in Chicago to discuss and develop strategy and priorities for 2020. Hosted by Barry Callebaut, this latest drive by SAI Platform brought members together from across the supply chain with a strong focus in the Americas.

The Americas Committee will focus on regional needs, systems and approaches, while enhancing global consistency and alignment. Priority will also be to localising SAI Platform tools, like the Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA), to be more relevant and useable for over 2 million US farmers and their domestic and global supply chains in the US. [1]

SAI Platform members in the Committee look to further relationships with our sister-organisations, promoting, celebrating and enhancing existing work on key priorities and developing stronger relationships, all to the pre-competitive benefit of the industry.

By coming together, networking, sharing knowledge and best practices, the Americas Committee are able to address common interests reflective of region, crop and need.