Candid insights and collaboration: Climate Conversations to catalyse action

23rd November 2023

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In February this year, SAI Platform’s Crops Working Group initiated the Climate Conversations webinar series. Already this series has held six events to date featuring 20 experts, and engaging 130+ participants. The webinars have facilitated broadening discussion on agricultural GHG emissions mitigation and resilience building across SAI Platform member value chains. The series has garnered praise for offering candid insights, key learning points and practical solutions while aiding members to take informed action at various stages on their climate journey. 

Sessions have covered diverse topics from data collection tools, soil carbon measurement, and effective business models for supplier and farmer engagement at a farm and landscape level. 

The most recent sessions have featured insights from ADM, Heineken, Nestlé, and PepsiCo, showcasing low carbon farming programmes and landscape-based initiatives like LENs (Landscape Enterprise Networks), aiming to enhance ecosystem resilience and meet climate commitments. 

Key insights from the recent sessions include: 

“It has been inspiring to hear the insights shared across our diverse community. As we navigate this evolving landscape, the need for continued collaboration, open sharing, and collective problem solving is as key now, as ever!”

Robyn Cooper, Crops Manager, SAI Platform

Future plans involve continuing the successful series with more sessions, and broadening member engagement to the whole SAI Platform membership. Upcoming topics include diverse business models, overcoming ‘carbon tunnel vision’, and aligning farm level actions with corporate commitments along the value chain. SAI Platform looks forward to further engaging its community in this vital conversation!