Easier, Faster and Smarter

1st September 2017

 With the launch of Version 2 of the Farm Sustainability Assessment Web-Application (FSA Web-App), assessing sustainability practices on the farm just became easier, faster and smarter. Started back in April 2016, together with the International Trade Centre (ITC), Version 2 of the FSA Web-App means the questionnaire can now be used at scale, as data is stored on a non-commercial, independent and safe data-platform. The FSA Web-App provides a convenient way for our members, their suppliers, and their farmers to manage implementation, analyse results, and share progress with multiple customers.

New features include:

• An unlimited number of users, and levels in the supply chain
• Supports time saving benchmarks for over 60 standards.
• E-learning suit with step by step video tutorials
• Available in 19 languages
• Quickly spot trends or themes in your supply chain with automatic aggregation and analysis of results.
• Version 2 includes accounts for audit companies
• Upgrades to the stability and speed of the system.
• Unrivalled data security

Contact Joe Rushton, FSA Manager for more details.

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