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14th March 2024

SAI Platform Membership Survey 2023

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The recently collated results from the SAI Platform Membership Survey 2023 highlight the vital correlation between active member engagement and strong member satisfaction. With an impressive 89% overall satisfaction rate, the Membership Survey underscored SAI Platform’s pivotal role as a leading networking space, facilitating connections and collaboration among industry peers and stakeholders to address common challenges.

Notably, 92% acknowledged the significant contribution of SAI Platform’s activities to their sustainability efforts reflecting the organisation’s impact within the agricultural sector.

Among the standout themes identified in the survey was SAI Platform’s dedication to co-creating industry solutions, particularly through the integration of regenerative agriculture into existing tools. Notably, the evolution of the Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) tool to incorporate Regenerative Agriculture practices, scheduled for launch in 2025, is garnering enthusiasm from members.

The Sustainable Dairy Partnership (SDP) exemplified another successful co-creation initiative with members praising the collaborative effort within the Dairy Working Group and highlighting the SDP’s role in uniting buyers and producers while supporting sustainability verification.

Other key areas of success highlighted by members included the Learning and Guidance initiatives undertaken by SAI Platform. The Climate Conversations series organised by the Crops Working Group received acclaim having been “very useful and a source of inspiration as we build our climate strategy”. As a result, SAI Platform plans to announce a new webinar series dedicated to Regenerative Agriculture in 2024, reinforcing SAI Platform’s commitment to providing valuable insights and knowledge in this space.

The significance of in-person engagements was underscored by members’ appreciation for events like SAI Platform’s Annual Event in Minnesota and the European Roundtable for Beef Sustainability (ERBS) Annual Event in Ireland, which provided invaluable networking and learning opportunities. Members who expressed expectations for more demonstration days, emphasising the value of practical application of industry insights, will be delighted to hear about the recent registration launch for our Annual Event 2024, taking place between 24th – 28th June in Durban, South Africa. Spanning five days and featuring two full days dedicated to field visits in the KwaZulu-Natal and Western Cape regions, full details can be found here.

Enhanced communication emerged as a priority for members and in response to this, SAI Platform recently released a new and improved version of the My SAI Platform portal, providing members with an improved user experience and streamlined access to resources, including training courses, webinar recordings, and guidance documents.

“As we reflect on the feedback from our members, we at the same time look forward to the continued growth of our community and the positive impact we can collectively achieve.” 

Manon Marron, Global Engagement Manager, SAI Platform.

A special thanks to all members who generously shared their feedback. The establishment of a biennial member survey aims to ensure that members’ perspectives continue to guide SAI Platform initiatives and improvements. All the survey results are available for members only on My SAI Platform.

If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a SAI Platform member and being part of this impactful journey, we invite you to visit our Join Us page for additional information.