New Regenerative Agriculture Programme web page goes live

29th March 2022

SAI Platform’s Regenerative Agriculture Programme heralds an aligned industry-led approach to understanding and verifying on-farm regenerative agriculture practices and improvements.

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Today’s release of the Regenerative Agriculture Programme web page raises awareness and understanding of SAI Platform’s latest collaborative effort to improve the regenerative capacity of farms around the world.

Regenerative agriculture is a dynamic and holistic practice, that uses techniques that look to regenerate and revitalise soil health, biodiversity, water supply, climate resilience and livelihoods.

Visitors to the new web page are guided through some of the key features of the forthcoming programme that will guide, measure and enable essential regenerative agriculture outcomes and overcome the challenges farmers face to implement and scale solutions.

The web page highlights the critical importance of a farmer-centric and inclusive approach across all forms of crop and livestock agriculture.

As the programme develops, the new web page will be updated with all the latest news, helpful information, and accompanying programme resources. 

“From principles to implementation, this new web page will inform and update SAI Platform members, partners and the wider agri-food community as the Regenerative Agriculture Programme continues to evolve with an integrated approach to measurement, supporting transitions to regenerative agriculture, and sharing knowledge across the matrix of global agriculture.”

Lexi Clark, Regenerative Agriculture Manager, SAI Platform.

SAI Platform members and other interested stakeholders are invited to get involved and help build, test, pilot or financially contribute to this programme in the making.

The Regenerative Agriculture Programme joins several other SAI Platform industry co-created tools and programmes designed to make change on the ground and is scheduled for completion in 2023.