SDP Reporting Hub goes live

11th October 2021

On 30th September, the International Dairy Federation hosted SAI Platform for a webinar to launch the SDP Reporting Hub. Members of the SAI Platform Dairy Working Group including Nestlé, Unilever, Friesland Campina, Ahold Delhaize, Glanbia and Dairy Farmers of America gathered to share insights on how the reporting hub works and why this is of significant value to the dairy industry.

In total, 86 people from the global dairy industry including farmers, cooperatives, processing companies, and procurement teams attended the webinar.

The launch of the SDP Reporting Hub strongly indicates how the dairy industry at large is undergoing a transformational change towards a more sustainable and accountable supply chain. 

During the webinar, Audrey O’Shea, Head of Environment and Sustainability Compliance at Glanbia and Hansel New, Sustainability Director at Dairy Farmers of America provided context on why and how the SDP Reporting Hub was created and gave a thorough explanation of how it works. 

Klaas Jan van Calker, Global Responsible Sourcing Manager at Unilever spoke about how existing company programmes can embrace the SDP. He explained that many suppliers already have effective sustainability programmes which have numerous equivalencies with the SDP. The SDP recognises these, reducing the need for multiple audits and helping companies to reach their sustainability targets. 

Aurelie Letortu, Sustainability Manager at Friesland Campina touched on some of the advantages of the SDP Reporting Hub. The main advantage being that with this aligned approach, everyone is speaking the same language and there’s one framework throughout the industry, which helps processors in conversations with their customers. She also highlighted how the SDP enables companies to come together in a pre-competitive collaborative environment to drive sustainability at an industry level. 

Bruno Spire, Global Category Leader at Nestlé echoed Aurelie’s point on collaboration, stating that it is not possible for any one company to face sustainability challenges alone. While companies may have some individual influence at a local level, the SDP, brings a harmonised approach to measurement and paves the way for making positive changes to the global dairy industry. 

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