The ERBS achieves significant milestone

7th December 2021

The first reporting of progress against the outcome targets has now been completed by the European Roundtable for Beef Sustainability, marking an important milestone towards sustainable beef production.

The six Platforms, coordinated at country-level within the ERBS, have produced an extensive review of progress to date towards the eight outcome targets as well as an in-depth report on the activities underway in each of the countries to support further progress. Each Platform used an independent assessor to verify the data and activities reported.

With over 70 activities aimed at driving positive change on the ground identified, the Platforms’ reporting clearly demonstrates the commitment of the ERBS to driving measurable and credible progress on beef sustainability in Europe.

Importantly, over three quarters of the activities reported on are being led or owned by the Platforms, demonstrating the leadership towards a more sustainable beef industry. Furthermore, each Platform is using a diverse portfolio of actions to work towards the outcome targets. A range of different measurement and monitoring tools and multiple approaches to training and farmer engagement is being implemented. To achieve maximum impact, the ERBS ensures that the Recognition Framework it uses to align beef sustainability programmes is flexible enough to allow for the tailoring of on-ground activities to the local context.

“The verification of Platform reporting is a significant milestone for the ERBS and our members. We now have all our Platforms working towards our sustainability goals and have the mechanism in place to track performance. This allows the ERBS to focus on best practice and knowledge sharing throughout Europe and in conjunction with the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (GRSB).”

Clare Donoghue, Chair of the ERBS

The mission of the ERBS is that all aspects of the beef value chain will be recognised for delivering measurable positive impacts and continuous improvement towards key sustainability priorities. Based on materiality assessments and a consultation process, the ERBS is currently working on four outcome areas – animal medicines, animal welfare, farm management, and the environmental footprint – reflected in the eight outcome targets that are part of the reporting conducted by the Platforms.

Knowledge share is a significant focus for the ERBS in 2022. Leveraging the extensive knowledge within the Roundtables worldwide as well as ERBS members’ experience of what is working on the ground is crucial for addressing the sustainability challenges facing the beef industry and enabling everyone to go further and faster.

The ERBS will be running a number of knowledge share events through 2022 and the Roundtable hosts an active Technical Working Group and Comms Working Group. If you are interested in helping the ERBS achieve their vision of a world in which all aspects of the beef value chain are environmentally sound, socially responsible, and economically viable, please contact ERBS Director, Rozanne Davis.