The SDP takes further steps towards aligning the dairy industry

28th June 2022

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National programmes to be fully integrated into the Sustainable Dairy Partnership Reporting Hub in July 2022.

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SAI Platform is pleased to announce that Ireland’s Origin Green, Dairy Australia and the US Dairy Stewardship Commitment will be fully integrated into the Sustainable Dairy Partnership (SDP) from July 2022.

In 2021 a project was set up to integrate the national programmes from Ireland, Australia and the US into the SDP. This started with an independent consultant conducting a detailed equivalency assessment of each national programme against the SDP requirements. The assessments showed that each programme had a different level of equivalency when benchmarked against the SDP, reinforcing the need for a flexible and localised approach.

“We are proud to be supporting a process that will enable alignment in the global dairy industry, reduce duplication of efforts on the part of processors and support more efficiency in reporting progress on sustainability in a B2B environment.”

Deirdre Ryan, Director of Sustainability and Quality Assurance for Origin Green, Bord Bia.

The individual output from each assessment has now been integrated into the SDP Reporting Hub. Equivalent requirements with the SDP are auto-populated for national programme members once they have uploaded evidence of national programme membership and/or certification. This ensures efficiency in creating the SDP report and avoids duplication of work. The SDP Reporting Hub will go live with this new functionality in July 2022.

By following the principles of the SDP, this benchmark process eliminates the duplication of  efforts of dairy processors. By offering a standardised approach for integrating any new national programme, it facilitates a globally harmonised approach to Dairy Sustainability.

For more details on the project to integrate the national programmes within the SDP Reporting Hub, please contact SAI Platform’s Livestock Officer, Maria Papadopoulou at