SAI Platform advocates for climate action

21st April 2020

SAI Platform today published a position statement on climate action in the first of a series on key issues facing the food and drink industry.

The relationship between climate change and today’s global food systems is closely intertwined, with impact already affecting agricultural yields, food earnings and food security among others. This position statement on climate action aims to provide a reference point for SAI Platform members to show their support while demonstrating alignment with wider industry groups and thought leaders.

This series of position statements is the result of a mandate set by SAI Platform members at the 2019 General Assembly in Chicago. Members requested a joint approach on advocacy and positions on topics that were having an impact across the social, environmental and economic components of agriculture.

Agriculture is an industry facing a multitude of external pressures and it is therefore important to stand and work together with a common view on the challenges we face in order to achieve the speed and scale of change needed.” commented Adrian Greet, Director General of SAI Platform. 

Our positions must be clear and consistent, and we must ensure we have the right balance to support but not impact on our member needs. For members that have not yet been able to develop a clear approach on these important industry challenges, these position statements will help them better align to the point of delivery that many of our other members are already achieving.

As a member-led organisation, SAI Platform recognises its role and responsibility within the industry to provide a common voice. By taking a position on key topics such as climate action, animal welfare, human rights and more, SAI Platform is visibly demonstrating where its own priorities and actions are actively supporting its members.

We have developed these position statements with the full support of our Advisory Council and Executive Committee and with full member alignment through the secretariat and our various working groups and committees.”  

Future position statements are currently being developed with positions on human rights and animal welfare expected shortly.