SAI Platform states position on human rights

10th February 2021

SAI Platform has published a position statement on human rights in the third of a series on key issues facing the food and drink industry.

When people thrive, they are better able to meet their own needs as well as the needs of their families and communities. Industry as a whole can thrive and ensure a more resilient future for all.

This position statement on human rights aims to provide a reference point for SAI Platform members to show their support while demonstrating alignment with wider industry groups and thought leaders.

This series of position statements is the result of a mandate set by SAI Platform members at the 2019 General Assembly in Chicago. Members requested a joint approach on advocacy and positions on topics that were having an impact across the social, environmental and economic components of agriculture.

Our position statements are developed with the full support of our Advisory Council and Executive Committee and with full member alignment through the Secretariat and our various communities.