SAI Platform announces new 2025 goals in drive towards agricultural transformation

29th March 2021

SAI Platform today announces new 2025 goals to target sustainable agriculture practice and member-led industry priorities. Key focus areas include the newly defined goals on climate, nature and farmer livelihoods. The new direction aims to improve member relevance through industry solutions, theme leadership and collaborative action. Emphasis on the involvement of farm input companies in SAI Platform features as an important step forward to help drive innovation required on farms. Other focus areas include the need for more diversity across geographies and commodities as well as addressing the common concern of metrics and measurable impact.

Announcing the goals today Robert Erhard, SAI Platform President introduced a new vision and purpose statement:

New Vision: A sustainable, thriving and resilient agricultural sector that protects the earth’s resources, human rights and animal welfare.

New Purpose: To harness the collaborative power of our members to accelerate the widespread adoption of sustainable agriculture practices and the transformation to sustainable food systems.

 “From the perspective of member organisations on the Executive Committee we asked ourselves – what do we want SAI Platform to actually deliver? We therefore sharpened the vision and created a purpose statement that outlines the benefits for SAI Platform members.” commented Robert Erhard.

A key part of the new 2025 goals is the growing industry focus on the future of climate, farmer livelihoods and nature. 

A key focus area is nature. This includes the themes of biodiversity, soil, soil health and water. Agriculture needs to enter a regeneration mode that has a positive impact on its soils, water and its ecosystems.” stated Robert.

Climate is the driving force that will ultimately fund the agricultural transformation that we need to see take place. It’s also where we see the potential for a new finance mechanism namely the carbon markets which is in demand and in development.” added Robert.

Addressing the significance of livelihoods Robert said: “Another area of focus that cannot be neglected has to be the farmers livelihoods. Farmers will ask themselves what is in it for me. If farmers are not better off through this transformational process, they will not get onboard and the shift will not take place. Improved farmer livelihoods should help address the widening competitive income gap that has taken place over the years.

Attention towards the introduction of metrics is another important focus of the new 2025 goals. “Accountability today requires demonstrable and science-based evidence. For this reason, SAI Platform will be introducing a metrics approach in industry solutions, such as the soon to be launched FSA 3.0. Metrics will also define projects that are done at pilot as well as at scale to validate impact.” concluded Robert.

SAI Platform’s ambitious new goals are the result of a systemic approach that included a focus group and survey of the Executive Committee to establish member priorities and relevance. The process also included consultation with SAI Platform’s Advisory Council. Anticipated upcoming regulatory changes in multiple countries played an influential factor in helping to understand potential impact and shaping SAI Platform’s new vision, goals and the recently revised Sustainable Agriculture Principles and Practices.