SAI Platform reaches collaborative power of 150 members

28th September 2021


SAI Platform approaches a new milestone as it reaches a total of 150 members. This is an impressive achievement and stands as testimony to the importance and urgency that agri-food companies are placing on the sustainability of their value chains.

SAI Platform was founded in 2002 by three pioneering companies, Danone, Nestlé and Unilever. They knew then as now, that working alone could only achieve so much, but by coming together, sharing knowledge and best practices they could really tackle some of the common challenges facing agriculture. From that moment, they started a dialogue that has since spread across the world’s food and drink value chain and SAI Platform has been steadily growing ever since.

Over the last six years, SAI Platform has expanded considerably with an increase of over 40% of new member companies of varying sizes and sectors. 

Our purpose

To harness the collaborative power of our members to accelerate the widespread adoption of sustainable agriculture practices and the transformation to sustainable food systems.

An important indicator of this growth and development has been the geographical expansion of the membership. Regional Initiatives in the Americas (2019), Brazil (2016) and China (2017), were created to provide local support to member companies with ambitious goals and the desire to come together to engage and work collaboratively. This geographical focus and local relevance has enabled the development of projects such as the Florida Orange Sustainability AcceleratorPakistan’s water sensor initiative and SAI Platform’s first project to tackle issues of human rights in the Turkish supply chain as well as other member-led projects.

In almost 20-years, SAI Platform has proven to be a unique organisation as it facilitates members to share expertise, create solutions to common challenges and promote sustainable agriculture in a pre-competitive environment. By doing this, SAI Platform has become highly respected in the sustainable agriculture ecosphere and the go-to industry leader for solutions and tools such as the European Roundtable for Beef Sustainability (ERBS), the Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA), the Sustainable Dairy Partnership (SDP) and more recently the initiation of a Regenerative Agriculture Framework (RAF).

The continuing success and credibility of SAI Platform lies in the common understanding of working collaboratively and decisively to implement change that improves farmer livelihoods and farming practice at scale. 

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